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Debt Reduction Ideas – Financial Decisions That Help Reduce Debt

Your money is valuable. You’ll notice its value if you don’t have any or if you have too little, which leads to debt. There are key ways you can leave your debt situation behind but to do that you’ll need to work on the basics. Everything begins and ends with your finances. Understanding this will help you understand how to close all your dues.
1. Balance Transfers  – The first thing you need to do if you have credit card debt is to call every one of those credit companies. Ask them if they can lower your interest rate or get you special interest on balance transfers. You must then consolidate all your loans in the account that has the best interest rate for your situation. If you close your credit cards you will most certainly get a low credit score which won’t work to your advantage if you need a loan in future. There will indeed be balance transfer fees so make sure these aren’t over the top.You should invest as small as possible in this phase to come out strong.

2. Fees – Bills are a big problem for those who are in debt. They’re essentially money that you pay varied companies or services so you can live a proper life. However, fees are extra cash that you pay along with your bills because you didn’t pay one or two companies/services time. These penalty fees or extra charge for services rendered can be done without. No matter how small the amount, they all add up on paper.

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There’s are other ways fees can hinder your debt resolution efforts. Go to the bank to withdraw money even if it takes up your time to get ready and travel there. This will save you a distinct amount of cash in ATM charges. The same applies for booking movie tickets or other such things online where an extra charge is applied. You can instead travel to the box office and buy your ticket even at the risk of it being house full. The aim is to save money wherever possible.

3. Emergency Fund – Everyone needs this whether they believe in its efficacy or not. Put away the tiniest amounts of money as often as you can. This is your rainy day fund that just might help you avoid borrowing. If you have no choice but to borrow, these small amounts can help you minus the borrowed amount and therefore reduce interest to be paid on it. These are solely emergency funds and shouldn’t be used to pay for groceries or weekend trips.

4. Budget – What are the bills you pay every month? That’s all there is to your budget so it shouldn’t be hard to note them down. Utilities, groceries, mortgage, school/college fees, loans etc all fall under this category. Your second list is on all the miscellaneous things. You might need emergency funds for a circumstance that might happen unplanned. Medical bills are an example. Your last budget list comprises all your luxuries and indulgences. You are in debt, meaning you haven’t enough money. Tweak and edit the three notes you just made so you can eliminate unwanted spending. The money you save in the process needs strictly to be used for debt payments.

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